Building Muscle In The Right Fashion

How To Gain Muscle Mass


dead lift to build muscle


Every man wants a body that others will only dream about. But for someone that is new to building muscles don’t always know where to begin and the right steps to take.

They also want to know how to build muscle mass. By building muscle means to hit the gym hard, get a work out every day and eat the right food on a daily basis. The biggest secret is that the protein your body stores, with a system called protein synthesis, will let your muscles grow bigger.


Make sure to eat the right food.


When working out at the gym, make sure that the session does not keep on for more than an hour. Gym less than an hour a day, the more intense the workout, the better are the results. Don’t drag a session out, go in there and do what need to be done. Because of the gym, the body’s metabolism will be faster, and believe it or not, eating more will help you to gain muscle faster.


Eat more often

Instead of eating three times a day, switch over to a routine of eating 5 to 6 meals a day. Never let the body wonder where the food is, make sure that you eat more times a day than usual. Don’t think that supplements are going to build muscle. Muscle is only build trough hard work.

The only supplements that most men will use and which is the safest is a protein powder. You can use this as an in between meal as well during your day, it will help to put that extra protein in your body that will be needed to gain muscledumbell curl helps build muscle.

And for the guys that are fairly skinny, don’t run around so much during the days. Relax and take it easy, you will build better when you don’t have a high metabolism. You need to gain a bit of weight to start building muscle.

Everyone is wondering how to gain muscle mass with food and eating. Star eating lean beef, this will be your key thing to eat when you want to build muscle. It does not only contain massive proteins, but it also contains other things that are actually good for you like B-Vitamins, Zinc and Iron and with the high level of amino acids in it, this is the best to start building muscle.

Chicken is not only for losing weight, but it is also good for muscle gaining. Make a good meal with skinless chicken to get those extra proteins in the body. There are people that say eggs are not good for people, eggs are the one thing that have huge amount of proteins and it also contains Vitamin D, the right fats that your body need and nine different amino acids that your body need to gain muscle.


To Fruit or not to fruit

Remember not to cut out fruits and vegetables. They have all the important vitamins and antioxidants to help your immune system to work as it should. Protein is not the only thing that your body need, and you will have to eat fruits and vegetables in order for your body to stay healthy.


Not everyone love to eat certain fats, but fats are also a big part of growing muscle as it contains testosterone for hormone growth that can help to gain muscle as well. Eat tuna and other fish on a regular basis as it also contains fats that are essential to the body and muscle growth.

For breakfast eat a bowl of oatmeal as it contains carbs that is also healthy for the body.  It will increase satiety and decrease hunger. Whole grains are also essential as it will help with hormone growth and for better energy levels.